Tsugu Tsugumomo

Xem phim Tsugu Tsugumomo - 続・つぐもも Vietsub
Xem phim Tsugu Tsugumomo - 続・つぐもも Vietsub

Tsugu Tsugumomo


When "ordinary boy" Kagami Kazuya meets the beautiful tsukumogami Kiriha, his life gets turned upside-down. As a "Taboo Child" who draws the supernatural towards him, he receives orders from the God of the Land, Kukuri, to become an exorcist and defeat these evil forces. And so, he and Kiriha do battle.

To find out information on these supernatural beings, Kazuya and his friends set up a counselor's club at school. But behind the typical-seeming troubles he hears about, he uncovers a major plot to target Kukuri...

In addition to the sadistic-yet-beautiful tsukumogami Kiriha, the situation draws other girls to Kazuya to join the fray!

(Source: Crunchyroll)
  • (Opening Theme)
  • "Kaze Fukeba Tsukiyo no Hate ni (風吹けば月夜の果てに)" by AOP
  • (Ending Theme)
  • "Haru, Kanade (春、奏で)" by Haruka Toujou
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